​​All our products are available through A-Rated Insurers:

Life Insurance

Whole Life – Whole Life provides a guaranteed death benefit and guaranteed cash values with premiums that will not increase.

Term Life – Term Life provides a death benefit with a premium fixed for a specified period of time and a conversion privilege to Whole Life under certain conditions.

Universal Life – Universal Life offers flexible, permanent coverage with the ability to reduce or increase the death benefit and to pay premiums at any time in any amount (subject to certain limits).

Disability Insurance

Monthly Benefit Payout

A flexible and powerful product that offers Noncancelable, Guaranteed Renewable and other options and riders. It offers flexibility to tailor coverage based on the business needs, including the Guaranteed Renewable option which makes it more affordable. •

Single Benefit Payout

This product offers a lump sum benefit, a more affordable option to the traditional monthly benefit products; plus it provides simplified underwriting and issuing processes

Business Overhead Expense

Business Overhead Expense policy can reimburse small business owners for normal and customary expenses necessary to maintain their business in the event of their disability.

Guaranteed Standard Issue for Employees

The Guaranteed Standard Issue process can support employee programs through streamlined underwriting, significant discounts and the ability to tailor the plan to meet the specific needs of employer-paid groups of 5 or more employees.



A way to turn a large sum of money such as an inheritance, a bonus, profits from selling a business, an insurance benefit or a retirement plan payout into a reliable income stream.


Deferred Annuity provides a solid foundation for a retirement savings plan with flexibility to control the frequency and dollar amount of contributions. There is flexible access to the money in the annuity and death benefit equal to the accumulation value. The beneficiary may receive this money without going through probate, thus preserving a family’s privacy and avoiding probate costs. If your spouse is your beneficiary, upon your death, he or she may choose to take ownership of your policy and continue to receive the benefits of tax deferral.


Index annuities offer a fixed interest option and index interest options. The index options are not securities. Keep in mind, you are not participating in the market or investing in any stock or bond.

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    *Birthday is important because life insurance illustrations look 6 months forward to the next birthday when they calculate premiums.

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